It has never been easier to navigate


breaks down barriers

If you have an ACN number, you don't need to speak a foreign language...Just type the ACN in our app, or give it to a taxi driver, and you're ready to go.

simpler navigation

All you need to do is type in the designated ACN and you’ll be given instant directions to your desired address.

useful ACNs

The ACN App includes an extensive list of Useful ACNs, from hotels to airports, embassies and more, to help you get around whilst you're abroad.

packed with features

The ACN App seamlessly connects with your smartphone, allowing you to save locations, add and edit contacts through your phonebook.

How It Works

The ACN App allows businesses and individuals to register their address online, generating a unique Address Code Number with only a few digits. This number can then be entered into our App or website as an alternative to entering a lengthy and sometimes complex street name and location.


Insert ACN

Type in the 3, 6 or 9 digit ACN code and click Go. You'll be given instant information on your desired location.


Display Location

Display location will show you all the information you need to know about your destination.


Get Directions

Click Get Directions and choose from your favourite mapping apps to help get you there.

Amazing Features

Our ACN App is packed with features enabling you to view and save contacts, locations and more. We even have a complete list of Useful ACNs from airports, embassies and hotels to tourist information centres.

Useful ACNs

Lost in a new city?
Forgotten where your hotel is?
Browse through our list and
find your destination in an instant.

Share Location

Help out a friend: share an ACN via email, Dropbox, Cloud, Messenger and much more!

Add Contacts

Add and update your Contacts and store their ACN codes directly in the ACN App.

Save Locations

Perfect for on the go: you can save your most frequently-used ACNs for ease of access later on.


App Functions

Forget remembering lengthy, complex addresses. With ACN, all you need to do is type in a 3, 6 or 9-digit number.

Video Demo

Watch our video to learn just how easy it is to download and use ACN Navigate!

What People Are Saying

It was so easy to generate my ACN code. Now there’s no need to worry about mis-typing addresses, incorrect addresses and post codes.

Steven James Mclean

The process was very efficient; I applied for and generated my code on the same day, and now my clients have no trouble finding me anymore!

Salon Lady

Having a 4 digit ACN Code makes it very easy for our new guests to find our hotel.

Hotel Owner

For me and my clients time is vital. ACN Navigate makes our busy schedules easier by simplifying the way we commute.


I get customers from all over the world. If they're unfamiliar with the city of the language, now all they need to do it give my ACN Code to their taxi driver and they're enjoying a drink in minutes!

Bar Owner

My customers come up to me and tell me how easily they found my restaurant thanks to ACN's App.

Restaurant Owner

Mapping Apps

Try all your favourite maps with the ACN App. We advise you to download and try different mapping apps to see which one you prefer to use with ACN Navigate.

Google Maps
Android & iOS

iOS Maps

HERE WeGo Maps
Android & iOS

Waze Maps
Android & iOS

Table Pricing

Simply register for a Plan and get your ACN Code in minutes.
If you own a business you can register your own ACN so your customers can find you easily. You can even register multiple ACN codes with just one account.


9 Digit ACN Code
Map Location
Contact Information
My Account Page
Ability to Update your Information


Sign Up


6 Digit ACN Code
Map Location
Contact Information
Input your Business Name
Select Industry Type
My Account Page
Ability to Update your Information


Sign Up


As little as 1 Digit
For Personal or Business Use
Map Location
Contact Information
Input your Business Name
Select Industry Type
My Account Page
Ability to Update your Information


Sign Up

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made our ACN Navigate as simple and as efficient as possible, however, with any new app, you may have some questions. Have a read through our FAQs to help get you started.

All you need to do is Register via our App or Website and you will be able to create your ACN Code. As soon as you have paid for your ACN Code it will be visible in our search. You can decide what information you want to display alongside your ACN Code.

Yes, whether you register for a Personal, Business or Platinum account, you can register as many ACN Codes as you need.

Don't worry, on our ACN App you can browse through our list of Useful ACNs. Here, we have a list of airports by country and city, so you don't have to worry about missing your flight.

No, once you have created your ACN Code it is yours for life. Simply go into My Account and you can edit your address, telephone numbers and more. Even if you change your address, your unique ACN will stay the same.

No, your saved locations are stored on your device and are visible to you. You can however choose to Share an ACN with a friend via email, social networks, Whatsapp and more.

No, you must write to with an explanation of why you want to remove your ACN Code. Once your request has been authorised we will be able to remove it.


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